Who is Ana Bushcraft: An Introduction to the Survival Expert

Ana Bushcraft is a popular YouTuber and survivalist who has gained a significant following for her videos that showcase her skills in bushcraft, primitive technology, and wilderness survival. With nearly 300k subscribers and almost 50 million views, Ana has become a notable figure in the survivalist community.

Born and raised in Australia, Ana learned survival skills from a young age by accompanying her parents into the woods to gather food and firewood. Her love for the outdoors and her passion for survival led her to create her YouTube channel, where she shares her knowledge and experiences with her audience. Her videos range from building log cabins to foraging for food in the wilderness.

Ana’s channel has become a source of inspiration for those interested in living off the grid and learning survival skills. Her videos provide valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of living in the wilderness and showcase the importance of self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. In this article, we will delve deeper into who Ana Bushcraft is, her background, and her journey to becoming a successful YouTuber and survivalist.

Who is Ana Bushcraft?

Ana Bushcraft is a famous YouTuber, primal survivor, and vlogger who has made a name for herself through her YouTube channel and amazing survival skills. She has nearly 300k subscribers and nearly 50 million views on YouTube.

Early Life

Ana Bushcraft was born in Australia and grew up in the wilderness with her parents. She thrived at the idea of accompanying her parents into the woods to get food and firewood, and this is where she learned how to survive in the wild.

Bushcraft Career

Ana Bushcraft began her YouTube career in 2021 and has since posted videos on bushcraft, camping, building a log cabin, living off-grid, fishing, primitive technology, wilderness survival, and outdoor activities. She is known for her impressive survival skills and has gained a large following on YouTube.

Ana Bushcraft also makes money through YouTube ads and PayPal donations. She is business-minded and treats her channel seriously, but could monetize better by adding affiliate links and brand sponsorships.

Television Appearances

Ana Bushcraft has also made television appearances on survival shows such as “Naked and Afraid” and “Survivor.” She has proven herself to be a skilled survivor and has impressed viewers with her ability to thrive in the wilderness.

In conclusion, Ana Bushcraft is a famous YouTuber and survivalist known for her impressive survival skills and outdoor activities. She has gained a large following on YouTube and has made television appearances on popular survival shows.

Ana’s Bushcraft Techniques

Ana Bushcraft is a popular YouTuber who shares her knowledge and skills in bushcraft, camping, and wilderness survival. Her channel features various activities such as building log cabins, living off-grid, fishing, and primitive technology. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of Ana’s bushcraft techniques.

Shelter Building

Shelter building is an essential skill in bushcraft, and Ana has demonstrated her expertise in this area. She uses natural resources such as branches, leaves, and bark to construct shelters that provide protection from the elements. Ana emphasizes the importance of choosing the right location for your shelter, taking into account factors such as wind direction, terrain, and proximity to water sources.

Fire Making

Fire making is another critical skill in bushcraft, and Ana is adept at starting fires using various methods, including friction, flint and steel, and fire plow. She stresses the importance of collecting dry tinder, kindling, and fuel before attempting to start a fire. Ana also provides tips on how to maintain a fire and use it for cooking and warmth.

Wilderness Survival Skills

Ana’s bushcraft techniques also include various wilderness survival skills, such as finding and purifying water, identifying edible plants, and tracking animals. She emphasizes the importance of staying calm and focused in emergency situations and having a plan for survival. Ana also stresses the importance of respecting nature and leaving no trace when camping or hiking in the wilderness.

In conclusion, Ana Bushcraft is a skilled and knowledgeable bushcrafter who shares her expertise with her audience on YouTube. Her techniques in shelter building, fire making, and wilderness survival are valuable for anyone interested in outdoor activities and self-sufficiency.

Ana’s Gear and Tools

Ana bushcraft is an expert in wilderness survival and outdoor living. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, and her gear and tools reflect this. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the essential tools, clothing, and footwear, as well as food and water supplies, that Ana uses in her bushcraft adventures.

Essential Tools

One of the most important aspects of bushcraft is having the right tools. Ana has a variety of tools that she uses, depending on the situation. Some of the essential tools in her kit include:

  • Knife: Ana always carries a high-quality knife with her. This is an essential tool for bushcraft, and Ana uses it for everything from preparing food to building shelters.
  • Axe: An axe is another important tool that Ana uses. This is particularly useful for chopping wood and building shelters.
  • Saw: Ana also carries a saw with her. This is useful for cutting branches and logs to size.
  • Fire Starter: Starting a fire is essential for survival in the wilderness. Ana carries a variety of fire starters, including a ferro rod and matches.

Clothing and Footwear

Ana understands the importance of having the right clothing and footwear for bushcraft. She wears layers to stay warm and dry, and she always wears sturdy boots with good traction. Some of the key items in her clothing and footwear kit include:

  • Base Layers: Ana wears base layers made of moisture-wicking materials to keep her dry and warm.
  • Insulating Layers: Ana also wears insulating layers, such as fleece or down jackets, to stay warm in cold weather.
  • Rain Gear: Ana always carries rain gear with her. This includes a rain jacket and rain pants to keep her dry in wet conditions.
  • Boots: Ana wears sturdy boots with good traction to keep her feet dry and prevent slips and falls.

Food and Water Supplies

Food and water are essential for survival in the wilderness. Ana carries a variety of supplies with her to ensure that she has enough to eat and drink. Some of the key items in her food and water kit include:

  • Water Filter: Ana carries a water filter with her to ensure that she has access to clean drinking water.
  • Food: Ana carries a variety of non-perishable foods, such as trail mix and energy bars, to provide her with energy throughout the day.
  • Cooking Supplies: Ana also carries a small cooking kit with her. This includes a pot, a stove, and utensils for cooking and eating.

Overall, Ana’s gear and tools are a reflection of her experience and expertise in bushcraft. She understands the importance of having the right tools, clothing, and supplies to survive in the wilderness, and her kit reflects this.

Ana’s Philosophy on Bushcraft

Sustainability and Conservation

Ana Bushcraft is a passionate advocate for sustainable living and conservation. She believes that it is essential to preserve the natural environment and its resources for future generations. Ana’s approach to bushcraft is rooted in this philosophy. She emphasizes the importance of using natural materials and resources responsibly, without causing harm to the environment. Ana believes that by living sustainably and conserving resources, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.


For Ana, bushcraft is not just a hobby or a way to spend time in nature; it is a way of life. She believes that self-sufficiency is an essential skill that everyone should learn. Ana’s approach to bushcraft emphasizes the importance of learning how to live off the land and be self-sufficient. She encourages people to learn how to grow their own food, hunt, fish, and gather wild edibles. Ana believes that by being self-sufficient, we can become more resilient and less dependent on the modern world’s conveniences.

Community Building

Ana believes that bushcraft is not just an individual pursuit but also a way to build community and connect with others. She emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and skills with others and building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Ana’s approach to bushcraft emphasizes the importance of building community and working together to create a better world. She believes that by sharing knowledge and skills, we can create a more resilient and sustainable future.

In summary, Ana’s philosophy on bushcraft is rooted in sustainability, self-sufficiency, and community building. She believes that by living sustainably, being self-sufficient, and building community, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

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