How to measure a bushcraft backpack

As a bushcrafter, you know that when you are going exploring, hiking, or camping, an ordinary bag wouldn’t fit the task or cut it out for that trip. You will be needing a bag capable of carrying your essentials for the trip, as you will need to survive out there. You will need a bushcraft backpack that can carry all the necessaries.

There are different uses for bushcraft backpacks nowadays, so they come in different sizes, shapes, designs. There are some bushcraft backpacks for just a weekend outdoors, and there are some for a longer stay outdoors. It actually depends on you and how long you intend to stay outdoors.

Consider a few things and choices like the capacity, fit of your bag, and the features or the compartments in the bag. All these are important in choosing the best bag for you. It matters that your backpack fits your torso length, and also, never forget to get a bag that you can deal with how much of the bulk and weight you can carry. And there is also the importance of measuring the dimensions of a backpack when obtaining one for your need.

Measuring a Backpack’s Dimension and volume.

When picking a bag, the first thing to realize is how it is measured. It is actually surprising that most people have no idea how a bag is measured. While some don’t even know they come in by their capacity in liters. So, in measuring a backpack, there are two ways to do that. Their volume and dimension measure them.

What are Backpack dimensions and Volumes?

To measure the dimension of a backpack is easy, and anyone can figure it out. All you need is a measuring tape. Simply use tape to measure the bag’s length, width, and height. For example, the standard measurement of a 40L hiking bag would have dimensions like this: 21.3” × 12.6” × 8.3”.

While the volume of a bag actually refers to just how much carrying ability it has. The volume of a hiking backpack can differ and range from 25L to 50L. The volume relies solely on the bag’s size, determining its ability, use, and intention. The compartments of a bag are determined, like the pockets, the hip belt, and rare parts like mesh pockets and the water bottle pocket. You can determine a bag’s volume can by the measurement gotten from the dimensions. Though at times, it is not accurate. The measurements are taken in cubic inches then converted to liters to arrive at the final volume.

Backpack Fit

A fitting bag is one of the reasons you are going to be measuring a bag. The right fit of your bag offers you comfortability and easiness in carrying the bag. It wouldn’t be too heavy or too small for your body size. If your backpack is the best match to your body, it should fit your torso length, the size of your waist, and not your overall height. If you are confused, getting the help of a specialist in a store or an experienced person is a good idea.

Picking a bag that fits your torso depends on the manufacturer and the gender. Some bags can be adjusted to fit your torso, while some depend on your actual size. When it comes to choosing a bag that fits your waist, it depends more on the hip area. The hip should be able to support the majority weight of the bag.

The information listed above will certainly help when you are trying to figure out the best sized and fit of a bag for you. With the right measurement, you can ensure you will have the best bag for any activity you need it for.

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