Scandinavian Bushcraft Knives

Scandinavian bushcraft knives

Scandinavian bushcraft knives are Scandinavian knives that are used for survival and outdoor activities. Scandinavian bushcraft knives typically have a Scandinavian grind, which is the Scandinavian way of making blades with an angle on both sides of the blade. This article will discuss Scandinavian bushcraft knives in-depth, including reviews of popular models.

What makes the Scandinavian cut special?

The benefit to having this type of bushcraft knife over other types is that it can cut through things more easily because there aren’t any serrations or curves along the edge unlike many traditional pockets folding knives. While Scandi ground blades may not be sharp enough to shave hair or gut a fish, they’ll still do most tasks like chopping branches well when you need them too. However, some people don’t prefer Scandinavian knives because Scandinavian grinds are harder to sharpen by hand.

Top Pick: Helle Knives – Alden – Sandvik 12C27

Helle Knives - Alden - Sandvik 12C27
Helle Knives – Alden – Sandvik 12C27

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Scandinavian Bushcraft knife by Helle. The Scandinavian grind on this knife makes it very versatile because it has a Scandinavian grind, which is different than most blades in that the Scandinavian grind has an angle on both sides of the blade.

I’ve had knives before with only one side having an angle and they were not as sharp or lightweight. This Sandvik Scandinavian bushcraft is easy to sharpen and comes sharp right out of the package. It’s also easy to use for most tasks like chopping branches, making kindling, cutting rope, or slicing things like duct tape or plastic packaging. My favorite part about this Sandvik Scandinavian bushcraft is that it doesn’t feel bulky when you’re using it which is nice.


  • Easy to sharpen
  • Comes sharp out of the package
  • Feels light


  • Not considered lightweight
  • Not the sharpest

Handmade Pick: QR50-10″ inch Scandi Knife

QR50-10 inch Scandi Knife
QR50-10″ inch Scandi Knife

This Scandinavian bushcraft knife is handmade and very sharp out of the package. It also feels lighter than other Scandinavian knives, which gives you more control over the blade. This Scandinavian bushcraft knife is lightweight and easy to sharpen by hand, but not the sharpest blade on the market. It’s a great Scandinavian bushcraft knife for the price and I love how it feels in my hand.


  • Blade feels light
  • Easy to sharpen by hand
  • The handle has a lanyard hole


  • Not as tough as other Scandinavian blades

Versatile Pick: Casstrom Bushcraft Knife CI11804

Casstrom Bushcraft Knife CI11804
Casstrom Bushcraft Knife CI11804

The Casstrom Scandinavian knife is by far one of my favorite Scandinavian knives. It’s lightweight and easy to sharpen with the Scandinavian grind which is different than other Scandinavian knives because it has an angle on both sides of the blade. I’ve used this Scandinavian Bushcraft knife for many different things like chopping wood, peeling vegetables, cutting rope, and even slicing paper. The Scandinavian grind on this knife makes it perfect for most tasks you would use your Scandinavian bushcraft knife for.


  • Lightweight Scandinavian Bushcraft knife that’s easy to sharpen
  • Versatile Scandinavian grind blade for a Scandinavian bushcraft knife
  • The blade is sharp out of the package


  • This Scandinavian bushcraft knife is only one-sided with Scandinavian grind
  • The blade comes dull out of the package
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