Bushcraft knife with firesteel

Bushcraft knife with firesteel

Ah yes, the wildlife. There’s nothing better and more thrilling than being into the vast nature enjoying the tranquillity away from the noise and the busy streets of cities. But being in the wildlife is not that simple, and not preparing yourself with the right equipment can be scary. If you ask pros who have their lives intertwined with nature and wildlife, they will tell you the most important tool when venturing in the wild is the survival knife, also known as the bushcraft knife.

Bushcraft knives are needed in every situation, whether it is cutting wood or making fire drills. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and different quality steels. It can be tricky knowing what to buy if you are starting your wildlife adventure but don’t worry, we have got you covered, making your life a bit easier when choosing what type of survival knife you need to buy. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Moravnik Stainless Fixed Blade

This knife comes in a 4.3-inch blade with stainless steel, diamond knife sharpener, and fire starter. It’s an ideal blade for survival, outdoor hunting, and critical situations. The knife’s handle comes with an ergonomic high friction rubber grip, perfect not to let the knife drop from your hand or escape your grasp. The fire starter can stand up to 7000 strikes, and it can also work in rain and wind. 


  • Stainless steel blade 
  • Ergonomic rubber grip 
  • Comes with a firestarter and a diamond sharpener 
  • The firestarter works even in wet weather and wind 


  • You can only wash them by hand

2. Morakniv Companion Stainless Knife

This 4.1-inch stainless steel knife it’s the perfect blade for outdoor activities such as camping, cutting tinder meat, and food preparation. The knife comes with Swedish stainless steel, which is sharp and harsh.

The steel is not prone to getting rust either. When it comes to the knife’s handle, it’s patterned, which allows for a good grip and makes the knife not slip away and get injured. Another pro that comes with the knife’s handle is its performance in the rain or wet places. With the blade, it included a grip that matches the same as the color of the knife. 


  • Stainless steel 
  • Swedish steel is sharp and has endurance when it comes to cutting wood 
  • The grip allows better performance in wet places and doesn’t let the knife slip away 


  • They are only produced in Sweden 
  • They are only washed by hand 

3. Joe-Tec Bushcraft survival knife 

If you are looking for the thrill and the adventure into the wildlife, the Jet-Tec survival knife, it’s the one-to-go knife. Professionals and enthusiasts all over the world prefer this knife over others. The knife comes in a length of 5.9 inches, and the fine leather that envelops the handle makes the grip good enough for the blade not to slip from your hand.

In addition, the blade knife comes with a fire starter, sharpener stone, sheath, and strap. The texture of the knife is made of stainless steel and can resist rust and the conditions of the wildlife. 


  • The knife is composed of stainless steel that will resist rust and the conditions outside. 
  • The wrapping leather of the handle makes the grip good so that the blade of the knife won’t slip from your hand 
  • The knife comes in a pack with the fire starter, sharpener stone sheath, and strap.


  • The knives are custom-made, so they are the best for professionals, not beginners. 

4. QR50-Bushcraft knife “Scandi”

Knives from the QR company are made explicitly for use in rough conditions and challenging outdoor activities. The blade itself has a length of 10 inches and is composed of high carbon steel, which makes it durable in harsh conditions. In addition, the G-10 material that covers the handle with the canvas color makes the knives also a luxury gift for someone keen on knives, home cooks, professional chefs, and culinary students. 


  • The blade is made for rough conditions and activities 
  • The blade is composed of carbon steel 
  • Can be used as a gift 


  • It’s a blade that can be used by professionals and not by beginners. 
  • The knife doesn’t come with a fire starter, sheath, and sharpener stone. 

5. Celtiborococo Bushcraft knife

Celtiborococo knives are produced in Spain and are created with stainless steel with high resistance and a razor-sharp edge. The knife comes with a length of 5.7 inches. The knife’s handle is wood, and the knife comes with the sharpener stone and the fire steel starter. The blade is used mainly by professionals.


  • The knife is made with stainless steel 
  • The knife comes with the fire steel starter and the sharpener stone 
  • The length of the knife is 5.7inches. 


  • It’s used mainly by professionals, not beginners 
  • They are custom made in Spain by the laser cut 


These knives are known to be trustworthy, and they can come very in handy in life-or-death situations. Underestimating the importance of a good tool in these types of cases can differentiate between life and death, and they may be the key in surviving to tell the tale.

Professionals worldwide highly recommend these knives, and for a good reason too, as they provide the user with many advantages and can be widely versatile, so you will never be stranded without hope in the wild. Considering every survival factor when going out into the wild is one of the essential parts of the process—coming prepared means that your chances of survival will increase exponentially.

Martin Smith
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Martin Smith is not just your average outdoorsman; he is a dedicated explorer with a deep passion for survival and bushcraft. The natural world has always been his favorite playground, which led him to develop a profound understanding and love for bushcraft skills. His curiosity is insatiable, constantly driving him to uncover the secrets of the great outdoors and unravel the mystery behind survival in nature.

Martin is the creator and host of the popular YouTube channel, 'Bushcraft Explorer,' where he shares his experiences and teaches essential survival techniques. But he isn't just a content creator; Martin is a survival expert who has spent countless hours under the open sky, perfecting his bushcraft skills.

From constructing shelters and crafting tools to identifying edible plants and purifying water, Martin has honed his survival skills in the most challenging environments. His dedication to mastering bushcraft has shaped him into an authority in this field, making him more than qualified to share his knowledge with others.

But Martin doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk. He spends a considerable portion of his life outdoors, continuously expanding his knowledge base and skill set, all to feed his love for the wild and provide his followers with up-to-date, reliable, and practical survival tips. He is also an avid hiker and explorer, often traveling to remote locations to test his skills against nature’s challenges.

Martin's writing, much like his videos, is brimming with practical advice and insightful tips. Through 'Bushcraft Explorer,' he not only shares his profound expertise but also inspires his readers and viewers to embrace the beauty of the outdoors and the thrill of survival. His commitment to making bushcraft accessible to all is evident in his easily digestible content, making his work valuable for both beginners and experienced outdoorspeople alike.

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