Budget bushcraft knives

Budget, Cheap and Affordable Bushcraft Knife

The wild has directed you to us as it knows we are your best bet to get what you need in preparation for your outdoor activities. One of the things you need to have a comfortable stay outdoors is your bushcraft knife. Without the bushcraft knife, you might fight certain outdoor activities more tedious than they usually are. With the knife, you can set traps, whittle wood, skin animals, carve wood, kindle fire, etc. Without the bushcraft knives doing all of these can be quite a chore.

To add, our ancestors have always used knives in their outdoor activities. Their knives are like their best friends, no disrespect to dogs, but dogs can’t kindle fire, can they? So, now you know you need a bushcraft knife, but there are so many bushcraft knives on Amazon that choosing the right one becomes difficult.

Not to worry, we have scoured the market to find what you need, and we will be talking all about it in this article. So, our dear master of the wild. Let’s rule!

Affordable: Morakniv Bushcraft knife

This bushcraft knife is one of the sharpest, durable, easily gripped, and balanced knives you can ever use. Why, you wonder? This knife is an immensely sharp 4.3 inches long 1/8 inch thick high carbon steel scandi grind blade prepared with a tungsten DLC anti-corrosive black coating. The blade is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of between 56 to 58, and although it is thin, it is big enough to use for batoning purposes.

The use of high carbon steel means not only is this knife sharp, it is also durable and stays sharp for a long while. Also, the presence of scandi grind means your knife won’t get stuck when you stab at a surface and, at the same time, won’t slip off easily.

Interestingly, even though this knife will stay sharp for a more extended period, it comes with a diamond sharpener sitting pretty on its plastic sheath. That’s not all the sheath holds. The sheath also has a morakniv fire starter. In addition, the sheath comes with a belt loop that you can remove and a belt clip that can help to hold your knife firmly.

So, with this blade, you don’t need a separate sharpener or fire started as they are all integrated into the blade. You can use the fire starter about 7,000 times, and you can get a 3,000-degree spark from the fire starter even if it is wet. 

A bushcraft knife can have one of the most exquisite blades ever, but it becomes ineffective without the perfect handle. With Moras, this is not a problem as it comes with an ergonomic handle with a fit to the hand rubber grip, which makes the knife easy to control and use for survival purposes.


  • High durable carbon blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Effective fire starter


  • Regular plastic sheath.

Budget: Predator Hunter BC-100

The name of the knife itself reaffirms your position as the animal on top of the food chain. The name itself strikes fear into the wild. However, this bushcraft knife is much more than a name. It is a combination of beauty, style, elegance, and effectiveness. The predator hunter BC – 100 is as effective as it is beautiful with its Damascus steel blade.

The Damascus steel blade on this knife is 4.8 inches with a 4.55 mm thickness, which means it is as durable as it is sharp. The blade is a prime example of the elegance of Damascus steel blades as it has a wavy pattern. This pattern results from the maker folding the blade 5 times, starting from 9 layers of 1080 and 15N20, with the blade having approximately 288 Layers.

This folding of the blade under immense heat gives the blade an incredible blade edge, allowing the blade cutting power for an extended period. So, while you have a hypnotic wavy pattern on the blade, the blade offers much more than that.  You can cut, whittle, skin, hunt, and kindle fire with this blade.

The handle of this blade is a wooden one, but it will fit your hand firmly, allowing you to be able to powerfully grip the blade and use it for whatever activity you want. Also, the blade joins perfectly with the handle and goes all the way in, which means it won’t snap off when it is strained.

Unlike the Morakniv Bushcraft Knife that comes with a sheath with a sharpener and a fire starter, the predator comes in a traditional leather sheath which adds to its aesthetics. This sheath will cling to you nicely and as well hold your knife in firmly. So, there is no fear that your knife will fall off when you are carrying it.


  • Powerful handle grip
  • Perfectly heated blade
  • Durable blade


  • Leather sheath only offers beauty.

Cheap: Schrade Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade has been in the knife-making business for a while and has quite the pedigree for making high-quality knives that can be used for a host of outdoor activities. This fixed blade knife is quite dependable for any preferred outdoors activities of your choice. This fixed blade is a great choice whether you want to hike across hills or camp in solitude in the woods, just you with the wilderness to keep you company.

The Stainless steel clip point comes with a simple yet effective design. Schrade made the blade 4.9 inches blade from high-grade carbon steel. Thus, the blade is very durable and will cut for a long period before you need to splash the cash on a sharpener. Yes, you will need a separate sharpener for this blade, as the thermoplastic sheath doesn’t come with a sharpener. However, the sheath is a belt sheath with 9 small openings and 4 openings that you can use to lash the sheath on your pack or gear.

Along with the 4.8 inches handle, which makes gripping the knife comfortably, the blade has a thumb ramp which makes gripping and uses more precise than usual.


  • Thumb ramp
  • High carbon steel blade


  • The knife is not suited if you have big hands. 
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