Best Bushcraft Backpack with Axe Holder

Best Bushcraft Backpack with Axe Holder

I am not a gamer but some games like the Last Of Us that are sort of in-your-face popular have caught my attention. I should accurately say, their bushcraft backpacks with ax holders have gotten my attention. The heroes in the game have their bushcraft backpacks with ax holders as they face a horde of inhuman things.

Safe to say that the heroes survived because of their bushcraft backpacks which allowed them to carry the essentials they needed to survive. This is the essence of bushcraft backpacks with ax holders. They allow you to carry the necessities you would need if you are engaging in outdoor activities. Unlike travel backpacks which are fanciful and hold a couple of clothes, bushcraft backpacks with axe holders are more practical.

A quality backpack will allow you to enjoy your outdoor activities and find them even more comfortable. With a quality backpack, you can get all that you need to make your stay outdoors comfortable while not grunting in pain or strain whenever you move. However, getting a quality backpack from the available stock on Amazon can be difficult but don’t worry, I got you, as always.

Affordable: Gootium 21101 Specially High Density Thick Canvas Backpack Rucksack


The wild is strong in this one, even if it doesn’t look like it much. When you first get this backpack, you might want to feel disappointed as it is not your regular hiking bag that carries multiple compartments. The backpack doesn’t look cool and sturdy like some bushcraft backpacks as it doesn’t have a structure and sort of flops about when not in use.

You should push away that feeling and embrace this backpack, for this backpack is one of the backpacks that is one with the outdoors. What this backpack lacks in multiple zippers and compartments makes up for by being one of the strongest bushcraft backpacks in the market. Other bags might require handling them with care, but this backpack is as durable as its industrial cotton canvas.  Its durability makes it more in tune with the rugged wild.

Although this backpack doesn’t have many multiple pockets, its pocket is secure with snaps that provide pocket security. In addition, you can tuck the flaps in the side pocket in to create space for your water bottle. Even as it doesn’t have elaborate pockets, it is 30L and can bear some load. Don’t be fooled by the average size.

The best part of this backpack is that you get to look like Indiana Jones. All you would need is a hat and a dazzling whip.


  • Highly durable material.
  • Secured pockets.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Has no backpack structure.

Budget: Amy Pans Military Backpack

81KIvASuz0L. AC SL1500

This will be the second backpack with a military background. It is the second tactical backpack in this review. Well, I am a little bit sentimental towards our veterans. They have sacrificed a lot to help us stay safe. Also, you can describe our soldiers as some of the ultimate outdoorsmen ever. These men do bushcraft, and it is practically part of their military responsibilities. They hike around in certain regions, camp outside when they need be, and so on.

Away from military sentiments, this backpack is just so darn effective. Interestingly, it doesn’t only serve outdoor purposes. You can sling this backpack over your shoulder and head on to work in style. This bag has compartments to hold your devices, wallet, files, etc., as you head on to work.

Also, this backpack is more than enough to cater to your outdoor demands when it comes to outdoor activities. The backpack has space, and it can contain items that name your stay outdoors comfortable. You can easily pack food, water, flashlight, fuses, etc. In addition, it has a side pocket for a water bottle. Also, it has a MOLLE system at the front, which allows you to add a small pouch to the backpack. You will also get two walkie-talkie pouches on the back of the bag. It also has a backpack that has a mountaineering hook which is useful for hanging small things.

The backpack doesn’t look bulky with what it can hold, as it remains compact even with its 64L capacity. Also, the backpack is expandable through its side zipper, and you can adjust it between the sides 8 and 13. Even at maximum size, you can adjust the pressure from the backpack through its adjustable chest belt. The effect of this is that it makes the backpack fit your body more than ever.


  • It has a MOLLE system
  • Multipurpose usage


  • Can be quite large for smaller-sized people. 

Cheap: Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack

71Jy586eoXL. AC SL1500

Imagine how useful those backpacks soldiers carry in those films as they hike across hellish terrains to accomplish their missions. You can stop imagining and be like those soldiers with the Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack. You can also cross hellish terrains, hike across mountains and hills, or just camp in a place while having all the items you need in your backpack. The best part is, the bag is durable and will hold the weight of what you put inside it.

The Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack is 35L and what this means is that you have a bag with so much space to hold what you need to make your outdoor activity comfortable. The bag is littered with pockets and compartments which hold practical outdoor purposes and are also helpful for non-outdoor purposes. Its pockets are secured with zips and can be anything from phones to other technological devices you want to keep safe. It also has side straps that can hold an ax.

The bag is made with quality high-density fabric with a double stitched design, and the zippers are heavy solid-duty zippers. Hiking in the night is not a problem as this backpack has reflectors on its shoulder straps. In addition, the bag has a space for hydration bladder, which comes in handy when you are hiking or camping outdoor. However, you have to include the hydration bladder by yourself.

The best part is the comfort you get while using this bag as it is breathable with its mesh cushioning at the upper body area of the backpack. The backpack also has a Molle system which makes it easier to combine equipment.


  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Room for equipment
  • MOLLE system which makes combining equipment tidier.


  • Doesn’t come with a hydration bladder.
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