Welcome to Bushcraft Explorer

Welcome, and thank you for joining us here at Bushcraft Explorer! We are your go-to hub for bushcraft gear and all the inside information about the bushcraft lifestyle. Whether you’re on the hunt for the sharpest new bushcraft knives on the market or looking for a trusty axe to accompany you on your wilderness adventures, we’ve got it all right here.

My name is Martin, and I’ve been living the bushcraft lifestyle for well over a decade. I’ve started fires in the pouring rain, built shelters from nothing but what the forest gave me, and navigated through dense wilderness using only the stars as my guide. I’ve learned what tools can truly be relied upon when you’re out in the wild, and which ones simply don’t make the cut.

On Bushcraft Explorer, I share all of my personal reviews on various bushcraft gear, from knives, axes, and fire starters, to cooking utensils and survival kits. But this isn’t just a gear review site. This is also a place of learning, a place of growth.

Are you new to the bushcraft scene? No problem! I’ve got your back. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guides on how to get started, tips on honing your wilderness survival skills, and tutorials for everything from building your own shelter to setting up a water purification system out in nature. It’s not just about surviving in the wilderness, it’s about thriving, and I’m here to help you do just that.

But hey, bushcraft isn’t all serious survival business. It’s also about appreciating the beauty of nature, embracing the quiet, and learning to move with the rhythm of the wild. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s explore the wonderful world of bushcraft together. Welcome to Bushcraft Explorer!

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